Our Process

Our Process

At bConnect we offer a full spectrum of tailormade services to match individual business needs with our step by step guided approach helping you to reach your fullest potential in global markets

1. Initial Screening of the Product/Service & Feedback.

The bConnect team will evaluate a product/service based on a set of pre-determined selection criteria. The process will include understanding the product offering (concept, price, packaging etc) and client profile (manufacturing and financial capacity and other resources etc). Consideration is then given as to whether the offering has the potential to compete and be sustainable. If the offering is not viable in its current state, we will provide feedback as to what needs to be achieved to take it across to the next step of the process.

Product / Service Pitch by client

Evaluate offering


2. Identify market fit and go to market recommendations.

bConnect provides a range of market research options to help analyse dynamics of the marketing environment including the competition, challenges and opportunities, market fit and other useful information related to the client’s product/service portfolio.

bConnect will also provide a comprehensive go to market recommendation including channel, marketing and promotion strategies to succeed in the Australian/NZ markets.

Assist you to understand your market

Guide you to evaluate market data

Advise you on identifying a market fit

3. Evaluate and select options.

The bConnect team will present available options based on your target market (channel, logistics, operations, finance) and preference. We will then guide you in evaluating these options and selecting the most appropriate ones to proceed with.

Present options

Guide you in evaluating your options

Selecting option

4. Customisation & market readiness.

The Australian and New Zealand markets are highly regulated markets. You may have to go through a vigorous process to acquire the appropriate regulatory and quarantine approvals to sell your products in these markets.

bConnect can guide you through the process and help you customise your products to meet the Australian/NZ standards and obtain the required certification to operate in these markets.

Advise you on what is required

Guide you through the process

Meet the standards & obtain the certification

5. Commercialisation, channel, logistic & support options.

Once you are ready to launch your product to market, bConnect can assist you with commercialisation options to help structure your operation. We can also connect you with preferred channel partners and guide you through all logistics options including shipping, clearance, storage, fulfilment, reverse logistics, technology integration and any other services required to take your product to market.

In addition, bConnect can assist you with payment collection, sales support, marketing and account management services to establish and grow your business.

Assist you with commercialisation

Connecting to distribution channels

Guide you through logistics & support

6. Execution, support & review.

Once your product/service is commercialised, the bConnect team will continuously provide you with support and feedback on Macro & Micro development, growth opportunities etc. to keep your business sustainable.